Volunteer Opportunities

What it means to Volunteer at the Museum of the Grand Prairie:

The Museum of the Grand Prairie opened in 1968 with most artifacts on display and minimal interpretation, like most museums of the day. Since then, however, the staff has grown and the museum has taken on the look of a modern accredited facility dedicated to achieving professional standards. The Museum of the Grand Prairie has stepped forward to become an integral part of the community, and market studies show that it is one of the most visited museums in the county.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and the support of our volunteers. They are involved in many phases of the museum's operation, such as collection management, exhibit work, school and public programs, research and fundraising. We invite YOU to join with them and share in our mission! You will find that volunteering at the Museum of the Grand Prairie brings with it an opportunity to meet people you might not otherwise have known. But even more importantly, you will share in our leadership role of assisting with the education of our children and the teaching of local history.

To become a volunteer or for more information about specific projects, call 1-217-586-3360
or e-mail the CCFPD staff, Kristin Tetzlaff, ktetzlaff@ccfpd.org

Education Department

Click here to see the CCFPD Education Volunteer webpage.

Museum of the Grand Prairie

Opportunities to volunteer at the museum include but are not limited to the following:

Traveling Trunk Maintenance Volunteer
Research and create file on each traveling trunk. Work with Museum Educator on content of both tactile items and written lesson plans. Keep an inventory of items checked out and their condition. Replace missing/broken items upon return to the museum and get it ready for future travel.

Education Outreach Volunteer
Become a programmer as you take a specific history trunk to schools and give an in class progam using the contents of the trunk. A written narritive on the selected items and program will be provided to work from.

Oral History Archive Volunteer
Create CD copies from cassette tape (the Museum of the Grand Prairie has more than 200 oral history interviews of local World War II Veterans on tape.) Requires computer skills. Can be done at the museum, or tape copies can be checked out and recorded at home on your own equipment. All materials are provided by the museum.

Exhibit Archive Volunteer
Work at home or at the museum to preserve past exhibits. Scan pictures, labels, and exhibit research materials into the computer as .jpg or .tiff files to create an exhibit archive.

Library Collection Volunteer
Work at home, (must have internet connection) or work at the museum to help with year long cataloging of museum library collection.

Volunteer Librarians
Scan or enter book titles in computer and take care of small reference library. It is brand new and needs organization.

Graphic Artist Volunteer
Create visually interesting flyers and posters for museum offerings. Use clip art, original art and computer to creae visually dynamic promotional materials. Create and keep up to date bulletin boards at Museum and annex as needed. May also help with programs in an artistic capacity or with color and design in gift shop and holiday decorating.

Volunteer Researcher
Volunteer would research specific objects or part of the collection depending on their interest. Topics in local and Illinois history may also be subjects of research.

For additional volunteer opportunities, including opportunities at the Homer Lake Interpretive Center, Click Here.



The Museum of the Grand Prairie is committed to helping high school, undergraduate and graduate students investigate careers in the museum field. We offer experience-based internships in collections, exhibits, public and school programs-- just about any type of museum work you can think of! Our interns have-

To learn more about our internships: email our Director, Barb Oehlschlaeger-Garvey