Our mission is to collect, preserve and interpret the natural and cultural history of Champaign County and East Central Illinois.

Our vision:  Through diverse experiences, we seek to inspire our audiences with a sense of connection to, and stewardship of, their natural and cultural world.

Staff of the Museum and Education Department

Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey, Museum and Education Department Director

Pam Leiter, Assistant Director

At the Museum of the Grand Prairie:

Kaitlyn Riopelle, Public Program/Visitor Services Coordinator

Valerie Hall, Curator

Sandy Osborne, Education Program Specialist

Susan Voskuil, Education Program Specialist

Cathy Barnard, Naturalist/Garden Specialist

Tom Meachum, Registrar
Melinda Wiegel, Customer Service/Retail Associate

Gretchen Winkler, Customer Service/Retail Associate

At Homer Lake Interpretive Center:

Stacey Clementz, Environmental Education Program Specialist

Chelsey Walsh, Environmental Education Program Specialist

Emily Henson, Interpretive Naturalist



Gift Shop and Consignment Gallery

The Gift Shop carries a wide range of items from quill pens, coloring books, games and other educational toys for children to jewelry, band boxes, pottery, home decor items, ironware, and collectibles for adults.

The General Store is open during the museum's public hours or by appointment. If you would like to know whether the shop carries a particular item don't hesitate to call 217-586-2612 or email the gift shop. We now accept VISA and Mastercard!

The museum hosts a consignment gallery where local artists  can display their works. 

Visit our Facebook to see the newest pieces in our Gift Shop and consignment gallery!

Apply here: Artists may apply to have their works sold on consignment in the shop. Send the completed application form to Katie Riopelle, Museum of the Grand Prairie, P.O. Box 1040, Mahomet IL 61853. Artists may send photographs of their work to supplement their application either with the form, or by email, kriopelle@ccfpd.org.



Photographs-Tours-Appraisals-Caring for your Heirlooms-Memberships-Donations

What are the photograph policies in your museum? What are the publication policies?
Photographs for personal use may be taken of the museum's permanent collection. Any photograph taken for publication must be approved by museum staff. Contact the Director at 586-2612; email bgarvey@ccfpd.org

How do I schedule a tour? A group visit?
Group and bus tours may be scheduled through Katie Riopelle, our program coordinator. Call 586-2612 or email at kriopelle@ccfpd.org School tours may be scheduled through our educator, Sandy Osborne at 586-2612 or email at sosborne@ccfpd.org

Do you appraise or authenticate antiques?
No, it would be a conflict of interests for us to appraise objects in your possession.

Caring for your Heirlooms
How do I care for my family heirloom?
We would be happy to advise you on the care of your family heirlooms. Please feel free to call our Director for advice at 586-2612 or email bgarvey@ccfpd.org

Memberships/Friends Donations
Do you have a membership?
The museum no longer has a membership program but we do have a Friends program. If you'd like to become a Friend of the Museum, contact our director Barb Oehlschlaeger-Garvey for more information at 586-2612 or bgarvey@ccfpd.org

Donations to the Collection
What kinds of things do you accept into your collection? 
Our collecting period dates to 50 years before present. We accept all sorts of objects, particularly those which illustrate the cultural and natural  history of East Central Illinois and Champaign County. We accept items temporarily, until they are reviewed by our Museum's Advisory Committee. If accepted by the committee, items will become part of our permanent collection. For more information contact Director Barb Oehlschlaeger-Garvey, bgarvey@ccfpd.org.