Little Wood Walkers

Little Wood Walkers

Featured vendor in Museum Store!

9/15/2023 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA


FEATURED VENDOR: Little Wood Walkers


We still have many gorgeous days outside left in the year, which is why we are featuring Little Wood Walkers this week!

Little Wood Walkers was started by a couple in England, Ruth and Dave, with two young children. Their love for the outdoors and the stories they have told their children on woodland walks inspired them to create their company and line of merchandise. 

Of the many little outdoor activities and challenges that they create, the Museum Store carries single card Scavenger Sheets and Activity Sheets, 20 pack Scavenger Sheets with clipboard, Story Card Packs, Challenge Card Packs, and Mud Kitchen Recipe Cards. 

All of these are perfect for taking out into the forest preserve after a visit at the museum to further engage and educate. The scavenger sheet provides a checklist for finding specific items outdoors. The activity sheet has activities to complete either indoors or outdoors. The mud kitchen recipe cards give your child "recipes" for items they can make at home with mud and other things from the outdoors, such as leaves and petals. The story telling cards include prompts to begin a story while out in nature, and the nature challenge cards include prompts for challenges to complete outdoors, such as "put a leaf on your had - walk for 30 seconds without it falling off." 

These cards are great in interacting with and engaging children outdoors, and they also make wonderful gifts! Little Wood Walkers also has a section on their website with free printable items, such as instructions on how to make your own magic sticks, ice lanterns, or information about insects such as bees! 

Be sure to stop into the Museum Store to grab these before heading outdoor with your little ones!