Flat Lincoln’s Love for Baseball

Flat Lincoln’s Love for Baseball

8/13/2021 | Patrick Cain, Public Programs/Visitor Services Coordinator

Did anybody happen to catch that #FieldOfDreams game last night?! ⚾️

It's all #FlatLincoln could talk about today! He said it reminded him of the game "townball" that he used to play. He's been begging staff all day to go outside and play catch with him. So much so that he's willing to use this glove on the wrong hand! 😂

Instead of playing catch outside, Flat Lincoln had a lot of fun checking out our temporary exhibit "A Whole ‘Nother Ball Game: Baseball in Central Illinois, the 1860s-1970s" and the baseball artifacts we have on display in our new "Personal Resonance" exhibit. He encourages you all to come to check out these special exhibits soon!

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