Featured Vendors in Museum Store!

Featured Vendors in Museum Store!

Marla Beyer

11/24/2023 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA




During the month of November, the Museum Store wanted to acknowledge and give THANKS to the local artists and authors that allow us to support them.


For the last week of November, we are featuring the artist who is responsible for creating the artwork for our 75th Anniversary exhibit: Marla Beyer. 


Marla is an alcohol ink artist and self-proclaimed daydreamer. She has a degree in landscape design from Kansas State University. Her previous pursuits have landed her in positions such as mural painter, gardener at a botanical garden, and floral designer.  

Marla's use of alcohol ink on glossy tiles is a quick process that allows for the ink to meander and blend in surprising and unexpected ways. This process showcases unique combinations of design and color. Marla also uses her iPad and stylus to draw and paint, and enjoys photography. She loves combining her passion for gardens with the vibrantly challenging process of this relatively new brushless medium. In this way, she is able to bring the garden party indoors. 


Marla enjoys taking walks throughout the forest preserves with her husband and her camera. She loves stopping throughout the preserves to discover new treasures, such as flowers or lighting that occurs in a new way, and capturing them through photography. Having a plethora of these images helped her create the wonderful illustrations for the Champaign County Forest Preserves 75th Anniversary, which was used both within the exhibit at Museum and the Grand Prairie, as well as on merchandise that can be purchased both online and at the Museum Store. 


The finished images for the 75h Anniversary of CCFPD include seven keepsake illustrations that capture the beauty of each of the six Champaign County Forest Preserves and the Kickapoo Rail Trail. These images were designed to be intentionally reminiscent of the WPA National Parks posters. 

These images can be purchased as acrylic prints, posters, stickers, or on mugs and a variety of other items online through Fine Art America. The Museum Store also sells her artwork on beautifully textured cards, as well as magnets and posters. 

THANK YOU Marla for contributing to our 75th Anniversary exhibit, currently on display by our Education Room at Museum of the Grand Prairie, and for allowing us to sell your incredibly detailed and absolutely gorgeous artwork on a variety of products, both online and in the Museum Store.