Check Out a Lending Tub or Learning Kit!

Check Out a Lending Tub or Learning Kit!

Bring History to Life

1/28/2022 | Katie Snyder, Education Program Specialist

Are you a teacher who's not quite ready for an in-person fieldtrip, but you're more than ready for ideas and materials to help bring history to life for your students? Well, we are here to help!

We have several lending tubs available, and we even deliver and pick up in CU and surrounding communities!

Thank you to Ellen Archer-Puffer at Urbana's Leal elementary, for sharing these fun pics of her class using our Artifact Discovery Tub and lessons! Here you see students exploring real artifacts from the 1960s to pull out evidence and make an educated guess as to what the artifact's use might have been. Such a great lesson for using evidence to come to a conclusion--not unlike Close Reading!

If you are a teacher or community member who would like to talk with us about what lessons and learning tubs we have available, reach out to Katie Snyder at ksnyder@ccfpd or give her a call at 217-586-2612.

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