Back-to-School in the Museum Store

Back-to-School in the Museum Store

Can you believe it's already time?


It's almost back-to-school season, and the Museum Store has you covered!

We have a lot of really cool merchandise to help you get prepared for the school season, such as a whole line of bags from Sesame the Opossum: tote bags, backpacks, zipper pencil cases, and small purses and drawstring bags to keep you organized, and don't forget to get your Sesame the Opossum notepads!

We also have some really nice and durable drink tumblers to keep beverages either hot or cold, and pencil kits with a fun lemon design that includes a case, pencils, and an eraser, both from Talking out of Turn

In our sustainability section, we have eco pencil highlighters and refillable cork pens, both by Ecolif3.

We also have new books in our store! These educational items are both interesting and fun to read. Specifically, we have a section of new Native American books in the store, for a wide range of age groups!

Visit the museum store and see how you can further your educational experience both at home and at school!