Lesson Plans Developed at the Museum Grand
Prairie by AHTC fellows

Through the Years: African American History in Champaign County by Alexis Jones

Oral Histories in the Classroom by Alexis Jones

Potawatomi Trail of Death by Mark Foley

Exploring the American Past by Mary Reger

Tall Man Walking (Grades 3-5) by Marcia Wickes

Using the War as a Selling Point: Discovering a Local Community during the Civil War by Katie Hickey-Snyder

Discovering the Architecture of Your Neighborhood Grades 6-8 by Zach Cain

The Impact of Electric Lighting on American Families by Mark Freedman

The Busey Family: Contributions made to the Development of the City of Champaign Urbana by Patricia Plaut

Going Ape and Having a Cow: Teenage Life in Champaign County and Beyond in the 1950s by Karen Klebbe

Connecting History to Literature—The Depression Era by Mark Freedman and Barb Thoma